About Us

Our Vision

“Arunachal Pradesh will harness the Power of Information and Communication Technology to achieve excellence in governance. Leadership in social and economic development in North Eastern Region of India and to empower the denizens to contribute to the fullest in the state prosperity building process”

Our Mission

e-Industry and services: Promotion of electronics hardware manufacturing and IT-ITES industry.
e-Innovation/R & D: Providing support for creation of innovation infrastructure in emerging areas of technology
e-Education: Providing support for development of e-Skills and knowledge network
e-Security: Securing India’s cyber space

Our Objective

E-Governance is the use of Information Technology and Communication Technologies to improve efficiency, convenience, accessibility and transparency in Government. The major emphasis in current effort both at Central and State Government levels is to focus on these objectives from the perspective of the citizen and business. Various IT activities such as development of software application packages creation of e-governance infrastructure, GIS/GPS and Digital/Educational content etc. in e-Governance domain are being taken up o pilot scale basis.