State Council for IT and e-Governance

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Shri Pema Khandu

Hon'ble Chief Minister Arunachal Pradesh

  • Father: Late Dorjee Khandu
  • Date and place of birth: 21/08/1979 at Gyangkhar village Lemberdung
  • Marital status: Married
  • Tribe: Monpa
  • Hobbies: Music, Social Service.
  • Address: Vill: Gyangkhar. P.O- Lemberdung, P.S and district-Tawang, (AP.) Wireless station-Tawang (APP)


As the social mindset evolves in the digital age and the idea of democracy extends to the online realm, there is a growing need to make governance more participative and bidirectional. Technology and innovation would play a pivotal role in bringing about this change. Launch of this State Government website in its revamped and redesigned format is keeping in line with the present status of people’s digital mindset and demand of the times. The website effectively offers improved service and greater transparency. Good governance is an ART : A – Accountability; R – Responsiveness; T – Transparency. These can be achieved only through proper use of Information Technology that is available today in a dynamic mode. Technology and innovation are the core enablers of this entire process and can be effectively scaled and adapted to infuse efficiency and measurable performance metrics into larger domains of governance. Governance is like a living organism - constantly adapting and evolving. We have to sow the seed of change today for reaping benefits in the future which needs productive and constant interactions between the government and the governed to bring about reforms, relevant institutional support and a people-centric approach. I fervently hope, this web-portal lives up to these expectations and I welcome citizens to be participative. From the wheel in the stone-age to interplanetary missions in today’s space age, humanity has progressed on the strength of our innovative spirit and constant quest to breach new frontiers in technology. There is a new world to be won, and wise and committed IT intervention in government is here to win it.
Congratulations IT Department
Towards a Digital Arunachal

(Pema Khandu)