A part of the continuous endeavour to make the government accountable, responsive and more citizen friendly, the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh launched Public Grievances online and redresses system on 19/02/2017 in presence of the Cabinet. Public Grievances Redressal is one of the flagship initiatives for the reformation in governance started by Prime Minister Modi through addressing the grievances of general public.   Under the public grievance mechanism any citizen of India can raise their problems, grievance or pleas to the central govt and state government Ministries and Departments. Grievance can be submitted to all important portfolio ministers and Departments. The CPGRAMS portal designed and developed by the DIT and NIC in collaboration with Department of Administrative Reforms for Arunachal Pradesh which can be accessed from the A.P. Govt webpage- http://arunachalpradesh.gov.in/. Setting up of Call center is under way to assist / guide citizens to lodge their grievances in the portal.