• Several training programs have been initiated by DIT to train the Officers concern for onboarding of their department in e-Office – to achieve a paperless, transparent, efficient work space.
  • A one day training programme was conducted for Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries along with their PS, PA on 17th November 2016 at Civil Secretariat Office, Itanagar.
  • On 22nd November 2016, all Commissioners/Secretaries Government of Arunachal Pradesh have been given training on the application.
  • Three Departments namely PERSONNEL,ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS and IT & COMMUNICATION are onboard in e-Office.
  • All the Government Departments located within Civil Secretariat Office building has been given training on e-Office procedures and its usage. Outside the Secretariat office, the department that has been given training on eOffice are PCCF office. As on date the eOffice Master trainers are in hand-holding mode in the Office of DC, Capital for roll out of eOffice in the office.
  • Refresher training to be provided to all the sections of the department.
  • Infrastruture Gap analysis has been done – Awaiting Budget Sanction.
  • Selection of More Man Powers as Master Trainers from the pool of CIC.
  • Detailed plan for on boarding departments.
  • 1000 DSCs already issued.

STPI Centre

MoU signed between Govt of Arunachal Pradesh and STPI, Govt of India and space allotted for STPI facility in Itanagar, Capital Complex at Parking Lot Building at Bank Tinali. Process of Handing Over of Parking Lot Building at Bank Tinali to STPI is in progress.

NIELIT Centres

As on date 3 centers have been opened by NIELIT ; at Itanagar, Tezu and Pasighat. The Itanagar center is running at private building on rent basis at Naharlagun . In the last FY the number of students trained are as follows:

  • 1971 at Itanagar (Naharlagun) center.
  • 742 at Pasighat center.
  • The Pasighat center too is running in temp building however, the construction of building is under process for permanent campus.
  • For the Tezu center agreement was signed for temp. building on the 4th May’2017; The partition work is being carried out and session will start by 3rd week of July’2017 tentatively. The file is under process for the handing over of the land in the college campus of Indira Gandhi College Tezu for permanent campus.

NeGD Capacity Building

104 officers have attended Skill enhancement programme for North East training programmes which is the highest figure in competition with other NE states.

711 staffs trained under CCC programmes since 2nd May 2016 till 31st March 2017.

Coordination and efforts are underway to consider more outreach endeavour.


A part of the continuous endeavour to make the government accountable, responsive and more citizen friendly, the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh launched Public Grievances online and redresses system on 19/02/2017 in presence of the Cabinet. Public Grievances Redressal is one of the flagship initiatives for the reformation in governance started by Prime Minister Modi through addressing the grievances of general public.   Under the public grievance mechanism any citizen of India can raise their problems, grievance or pleas to the central govt and state government Ministries and Departments. Grievance can be submitted to all important portfolio ministers and Departments. The CPGRAMS portal designed and developed by the DIT and NIC in collaboration with Department of Administrative Reforms for Arunachal Pradesh which can be accessed from the A.P. Govt webpage- http://arunachalpradesh.gov.in/. Setting up of Call center is under way to assist / guide citizens to lodge their grievances in the portal.


Project is being initiated. State Project Management committee has been formed.

As on date total 10 services of the Department of IT’s project has been enrolled in the eTaal portal

eServices enrolled  are Degree registration, Diploma registration, Degree form fill up, Diploma form fill up, Admit card download, Apply for adoption, Apply for Sponsorship, Foster care , Apply for Factory license, Renewal of factory license.

Web service is yet to be created to finally integrate it with eTaal portal.

NGO Darpan

These projects can only be initiated post implementation and successful running of SDC as central repository

Coordination and efforts are underway to consider the same

Databases of the NGOs need to be digitized.

Scholarship 2.0

Communications has been sent to the concerned departments/various project stakeholders

Requested to expedite the implementation of NSP 2.0 project as per the direction of GoI.

21025 nos. of applicants (post-matriculation) in the portal but no disbursements made as of yet.

Essential to enroll students for Aadhaar and approval authority to procure Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for the project.

DCs were communicated and coordinated to organise enrolment of Aadhaar for the students in campaign mode to sensitize and expedite the process.